Why choose CeylonTropicana

About Ceylon Tropicana

Nestled snugly beneath the majestic mountains of Kalundewa, Puwak Attawela is a tiny hamlet in Dambulla, that boasts of a large farmer community. We are entwined with this industrious farmer community for the last decade and a half. Starting with our simple cultivation in our picturesque high-altitude delta, surrounded by a gurgling stream, we have expanded to different crops with high values in nutrients.

Our Journey

Starting our journey with vegetable cultivation, our founders implemented a think global and act local process. First phase of the process was to cultivate crops that would be sustainable and have a demand globally to promote health and well-being. While the crops grew in height and volume, we have expanded the infrastructure: making use of ample water around us; preserving our extremely fertile soil; zero use of chemicals; being connected with the farmer community; and exploring opportunities to highlight farmer integrity of this exquisite tiny hamlet, to the world.

Who we are today

Today we have established a State-of-the-Art facility in Puwak Attawala. Within the majestic walls of our facility stand high quality, food grade machinery, mostly manufactured in Sri Lanka, to produce our delicious and healthy Tisane. Our enterprise is not a mere world class building, but a proud example of a whole of community approach towards producing plant based wellness solutions to the world. We upskilled farmers by encouraging and building capacity on organic farming;  trained some to operate our high-quality machinery and employed youth in the area to support sustainable agriculture modernization in Puwak Attawala.


Today we stand proud together on Sri Lankan soil with our farmer community and our team of industrious workers…bringing the best tisane to the world!